This is a history of my life viewed through a lens. My name is Kurtis and I am an entrepreneur, photographer, musician, car enthusiast, worship leader, and coffee drinker.

It all started when I graduated High School and purchased my first digital SLR. I took it on a trip through Europe and when I got home I had a few family friends tell me that I had an eye for composition. When I took a few photography classes in College I had trouble staying within the boundaries that the professor created for each assignment. I found myself wanting "more" from the images than what the requirements called for. I started taking creative liberties and my grades suffered significantly and I remember thinking in my head, "...photography has got to be more fun than this...".

I enrolled at Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2011 and graduated in June of 2012 with the "Highest Professional Portfolio of Excellence" and a certificate of completion in Professional Photography. During my time at Hallmark I was able to learn and experience the real joy of capturing moments but also creating them. I have a huge respect for "f/64" style photography but also am personally driven by conceptualization and image manipulation to create an environment for the viewer to wonder. 

I had the opportunity to study with legendary Time Magazine free-lance photographer Gregory Heisler, learn from infamous head shot photographer Peter Hurley, and shoot side by side with successful wedding and New Balance photographer Scott Zuelke.

I will be forever grateful for the lessons I've learned and experiences had in my education because they have shaped how I see the world and desire to capture it every day. 

I have a degree from Hallmark Institute of Photography, a 4-Year B.S. in Automotive Management, and am currently a free-lance Retoucher/Photographer/Film-maker in the PNW. 

My quiet days are spent writing music and recording in my home studio, exploring Portland, brewing coffee, and going on adventures with friends.

I hope you enjoy some of my work and share it with a friend. Please send me an email if you  would like to work together, I'd love to hear from you.

Kurtis Lamberton
©2016 Kurtis Lamberton Photography

Photo by: ©2016 Zoe Foulston

Photo by: ©2016 Zoe Foulston